Monday, April 21, 2008

April 21st, 2008

Well, well, well. Did you miss me? Because I missed me. A lot. So here I am with a special gift to all of you devoted fans, and an apology for my unusually long absence. Our fan films haven't been around so much these days either, have they? I'm told it's because our two actors have had rather busy schedules lately and that they haven't had time to "work." For shame. Whatever the hell that means.

I hope you enjoy the special documentary I had made in your honor, oh-so-devoted ones. It's a glimpse into the life of a genius. Enjoy!

A Day in the Life of Moe Jacuzzi

Oh yeah. The pics: a snapshot of Mason Jomoa, my stargate pancake, Little Jonida caught writing a script (tee hee) and me bustin' out my mad skillz yo.

And to the mailbag --

mackenzies momma says: "oh great and wonderful moe, can you share any news on what your next project will be?"

Answer: Yes. It will be becoming the president of the world.

kirfect says: "Well. I see you have cut back on sugar again."

Answer: How the fuck could you tell????!!!!