Sunday, November 4, 2007

November 4th, 2007

How time does fly! Or rather, slows, given that we've actually gained an hour and that even though it feels like it's 2, it's really one right now. Time is such a fascinating thing. Speaking of time, if you have any free time be sure to check out the new episode now airing on YouTube.

Stargate Atlantis: Hidden

In this season finale, Weir hosts a talent show in an effort to distract the people of Atlantis while Vala hunts down the alien intruder from "Unexpected." TRT: 21 minutes.

This episode wraps up the storyline started in the premiere, "Unexpected." I'll bet you never thought we had that much continuity, did you? Well think again. We're very continuous people. I mean, even Little Jonida continuously takes craps in my slippers.

Today's pic is a gangsta Ronon posing for peace in the Pegasus hood.

Moe out, yo!

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