Monday, April 21, 2008

April 21st, 2008

Well, well, well. Did you miss me? Because I missed me. A lot. So here I am with a special gift to all of you devoted fans, and an apology for my unusually long absence. Our fan films haven't been around so much these days either, have they? I'm told it's because our two actors have had rather busy schedules lately and that they haven't had time to "work." For shame. Whatever the hell that means.

I hope you enjoy the special documentary I had made in your honor, oh-so-devoted ones. It's a glimpse into the life of a genius. Enjoy!

A Day in the Life of Moe Jacuzzi

Oh yeah. The pics: a snapshot of Mason Jomoa, my stargate pancake, Little Jonida caught writing a script (tee hee) and me bustin' out my mad skillz yo.

And to the mailbag --

mackenzies momma says: "oh great and wonderful moe, can you share any news on what your next project will be?"

Answer: Yes. It will be becoming the president of the world.

kirfect says: "Well. I see you have cut back on sugar again."

Answer: How the fuck could you tell????!!!!


MaggieMayDay said...

OMG, Mason is so hot ... can I have one of his dreadlocks becuase he's so hot, I know if you ask him he'd give me one. Bacuas they said he was cutting his hair and I know he will look good but I wondered if I could get one. And why isn't he in charge of his team? He's the biggest and strongest and hottest and he sauid he'd like to be in charge at the con. I have a picture of him saying so. Can you send me a copy of the script? Because I know you are goig to put hte hot guy in charge and you listen to the fans and I wouldn't put it on the boards or my blog or my site oor anything, because that's spoilers and [spoiler sshould be in whaite and I'll do that as soon as I figure that out. Can you ask Mason for me? That I can have his hair because he is so hot?

I wrote a poem too and baked some cookies and drew a really good piccher of the stargate, where acn I send these things?

sheppiefan said...

WTF! I am so sick of everything being about Mason, Mason, Mason. Why do we never get any hot piccies of my darling Foe Jlanigan?

Admit it. You've killed him and buried his beautiful perfect body somewhere on the studio property. How could you? OMG! *flails*

Please Mr. J, just give us a hint, a tidbit, a word that FJ will be working his magic on our hormones in S5. We're not picky. Just a photo of teh hair will do.

MaggieMayDay said...

No, Mason is hotter then Floe. He jusyt is and if you're too stupid to see that, wehll you shouldn't watch the show.

sheppiefan said...

Mason is so not hotter than Foe. Every time I see him on screen I just want to puke.

Foe has more hawtness in one of his little fingers than Mason has in his whole disgusting body. Ewww.

Please Moe, why don't you give us a pic of Foe. He is there, right? Right? OMG.

MaggieMayDay said...

Ha ... Floe isn't there, the girl, that's why Moe can't post a pic because Floe is working flipping burgers for the summer and it isn't even summer yet.

Mason is too hotter, way hottter, he has more muscles and more hair and more purtyer eyes and everythign. And he's smarter too, that;s why he can learn all his lines and knows haow to act.

Floe is a little pussy-girl next to the studness that is Mason!

MaggieMayDay said...

Hey Moe! It is May already and you haven't updated your blog! You must not love us fans! Or something terrible has happened onset and you're not going to tell us and that's so mean to keep us in the dark and wondering what the frell is happening. Sorry, what the frakk is happening. Or you wrote some horrid plotline and killed off all the main cast so you could hire young stupid actors who you don't have to pay as much, didn't you? Didn't you? You are a terrible man, Moe Jascuzzzi!

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