Saturday, August 11, 2007

August 11th, 2007

We come to it at last - my final blog entry. I regret that I didn't have the time to write this sooner but I was packing to embark upon my leave of undetermined length. Several of you have expressed a clinging desire for me to remain - as such, I leave open the possibility of popping in every once in a while as occasion permits. However I will never reveal my location lest angry fans hunt me down.

To help ease the suffering of my absence, I offer to you the suggestion of reading the blog entitled "Moldy Pumpkin" which can be found here.

You have all been so graciously kind, showering in your praise and have served your role as minions well. I am so very proud.

I shall now attempt to explain the pictures before I get too choked up here... the first two are of my breakfast. Always drink milk - especially you women! The Final three are a few candid moments in which I was caught unawares, but I found it fit to grace you with my likeness one final time.

And now, oh-so-bittersweetly, to check the mail --

PG15 writes: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Please, don't leave us!!! *cries* How are we to survive without your brilliance giving us light and...bunnies?! Think of the bunnies oh great and powerful Moe! Think of the bunnies!!"

Answer: Bunnies? Bunnies? I'm not sure if I even like bunnies... but since you have been my faithful servant, minion, and even adviser, I bid you now a very fond adieu!

not that anonymous but the other one writes: "If Sheyla becomes canon, will you write a story in which Shep actually looks directly at her? Because that would be like so kewl. Even though it's not necessary due to the Sheyla psychic network and all."

Answer: I'll have to talk to one of the directors and get him to force Sheppard to look at Teyla, even if it entails a neck brace.

Kirfect writes: " Say it ain't so MOE!!! Don't go.

:: Crying here:::

Please stay

:: Groveling and Begging:::

do it for your fans!

Do you have any fans?"

Answer: Me? Me? Do I have fans? An entire collection of them, if you must know, and all imports from the far East!

Yasmin writes: "Please don't leave us Mr. J., what would us poor folks who have no life do at 12:30 AM on a Friday night w/o your blog to read?!"

Answer: No life at 12:30 am Friday, eh? Well, hopefully come September you can watch Atlantis reruns at that time. But if that doesn't tickle your pickle, you could check out the blog I recommended.

P.S. I've always liked your name, though don't tell anyone.

Inflamed Lemming writes: "Where will the S/J shippers who have been waiting tediously for over a decade now go to ask over and over again about consumation of that glorious relationship? Or where will those fans still stuck seething over the save the hunky archeologist (seasons 1-5) go to continue their wailing?

And where on earth can we go to find such glorious pictures of food.

No, Moe, don't go..."

Answer: Lemming, you say? Don't you mean guinea pig? And as for your lack of satisfaction... try making your own fan film - it might help. Ah yes, my glorious pictures of food. I'm getting teary-eyed here...

Joseph Mallozzi writes: "Yeah, I checked out your Shipper Wars parody and have to say I am both disappointed and very, very angry. You have a lot of nerve. I mean, seriously. What the hell kind of tie is that? And you fancy yourself a supervillain. For shame."

Answer: And to think I once held the hope that we could be allies. Just because I don't have the fashion sense of a supervillain doesn't mean I'm not trying, okay?! I have a very stressful job - you've no idea what life with talking puppets is like and trying to write around the fact that one of your star actors is a duck can get downright awkward. And besides - I think the fact that I get eggs thrown at me proves that I am more loathed than you, and therefore am more supervillainy than you. To compound that point - I will now perform a vanishing act the likes of which even Voldemort and Vader couldn't compete - and I will leave you all in suspense wondering where I've gone. Biding my time building an army, perhaps? Or just crying myself to sleep each night? Oh the nefariousness of my pleasure in knowing that you all will never discover the answer...

On that note - I hereby proclaim that I shall leave this blog up for posterity. And if you will all excuse me...

... Arrividerci!


PG15 said...

Goodbye Moe! May your greatness empower the masses to follow in your footsteps if they ever found out where you're!

As for us minions, we will patiently await your return, even if you might not, for we are loyal to you always and forever.




Anonymous said...

So long, Moe!

dipsofjazz said...

Goodbye Moe. It's been fun.

KirFect said...

Damn you Moe! :: Shakes fist:: I just found something worth readin on blogs and you up and leave. Typical I tell you. You suck lemons and pie! :: Sobs loudly and then snorts:: I hate you Moe how dare you break up with us! See if I ever send you anything again. I want back the M & M's I sent.

Anonymous said...

Moe, come back or I'll never give you suggestions for chocolate again!