Friday, August 3, 2007

August 2, 2007

The waiter came a little too slowly, I suspect him of being a Philistine. The food was to my liking. A little crisp, but otherwise tender. I had a scrumptious gingerbread man that was also to my liking. I enjoyed it very much.

So I missed last night's episode of 'FOUND.' Actually, I saw most of it but while the screen faded to black for a commercial, I caught a glimpse of a a Cheeto reflected beneath my couch. I got stuck under the couch trying to retrieve it, but ho! I was victorious! I shall yet take over the galaxy and be a super villain! And the sweet cheesy crunchiness was quite the reward. But when I looked back at the TV the news was on and I missed the end. Oh well, that show is getting too weird anyway. Anyone care to fill me in on the ending?

News from the set: My new episode is coming along nicely. "Wanderers" is by far my favorite episode that I have penned. The staff enjoy it, too. That's how good I am.

Now to check the mail...

Num1SheylaFan writes: "Wut r u doing making Teyla pregnant? R u crzy?!"

Answer: She made herself pregnant. And my sanity remains intact, as far as I can tell...

Farter188 writes: "Any chance one of the main characters will fart in a season 4 eppy? XD"

Answer: Believe it or not, I do not yet control the bodily functions of the actors. But if they want to let one rip during a scene, then by all means, I hope they do! I just pray that I am not there.

LovelyLady writes: "I'm going to Vancouver BC next month. Can you recommend any good eats in the area?"
Answer: 'Good Eats'? What are you, Rachel Ray? If you are... drop me a line. La Cucina is great and it's just off of Broadway and 1st. Though I am partial to a bit of Succo di Obiettivo on LaFayette and 7th.


SheylaAllTheWayla said...

Will there be any more Sheyla bonding scenes in season 4? I think you should, so you can shut up all those Spanky fans and make them understand Sheyla is the TRUE ship.

Anonymous said...

How are you so drop dead S-E-X-Y? *giggles and drops tea at sight of your photos* <33<33<333

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Mazzola

We have reviewed your resume and are responding here because you neglected to leave us a contact number or address. After perusing your body of work, we have determined that there is currently no vacancy for scriptwriters on our shows. Any of them. Or our network. Have a nice day.

Rhoda Monthclanger
Human Resources