Friday, August 3, 2007

August 3, 2007

A few pics today. Pancakes for breakfast are oh so scrumptious. The others... all I can say is "Americans have to ask why they're fat?"

Today was the first day of shooting "Wanderers." Everything's going well. The actors are phenomenal. I wish I could be one, but it's okay that I'm not since we're all very good friends.

I talked to Jacob today. He told me how life is going in the Pacific. Just exactly what he's doing in the Pacific he won't say. Some writers are just so mysterious... Personally, I enjoy being upfront with people. Like the waitress who served me my dinner tonight. She was, shall I say, extremely obese. So I asked her, "Next time, sweetheart, could you lose a few pounds and not sweat into my food?" She filed a complaint with her manager. Luckily I'm a regular and no action was taken. Some people just can't handle the truth...

Now let's see what we have today...

Anonymous # 4 writes: "I've always loved the character of Elizabeth Weir. How much of her will we see of her is season 4?"

Answer: Read the other f*#%!ing blog entries, b*#@h!

LovelyLady writes: "The relationship between Teyla and Ronon is so sweet. Will we see that developing further?"

Answer: There is no relationship between Teyla and Ronon.

Sykes writes: "What books do you recommend?"

Answer: The ones I take pictures of.

Anonymous # 2 writes: "I saw Teyla and John hug in the season 4 promo. *squeee!* Is the baby John's?"

Answer: Get a life.

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Anonymous said...

So is it true? Was the plan to Kick of Weir so she can stop making googlie eyes at Sheppard; Get Teyla pregnant; Bring Keller in to flirt with Ronon---Just a plot to try and Attempt to develop the non-existent relationship of SHEYLA?